Lifeline U School of Leadership seeks to meet the needs of the community by raising up and developing strong leaders with a clear understanding of their God-given purpose and the tools to carry it out in life.


Internship Program

Lifeline U’s internships and format was designed with your specific goals and needs in mind.

Internships are part-time enabling interns to work and/or continue their formal education through our Partnership with Lee University or another institution of their choice.

Internship Structure:

  • Two, 14-week semesters per year with 1 weekly leadership training class
  • Each Intern assigned a personal mentor from the Lifeline Church Pastoral Staff
  • Serving in the local church under the supervision of the personal mentor.

Bachelor’s Degree option through Lee University Online

Fully accredited undergraduate degrees in Christian Studies, Bible & Theology, or Ministry Leadership with your choice of emphasis: Business, Children’s Ministry, Church Administration, Counseling, Discipleship, Music & Worship, Pastoral Ministry, or Youth Ministry. 

Equally as affordable as local public universities with full access to Federal Financial Aid programs

Hands on learning seamlessly integrated with the Internship program

Ministry Licensing Option for Interns through the Church of God

Eligible to sit for the Exhorter’s License exam after completing two semesters.

Eligible to sit for the Ordained Minister’s exam after completing four semesters.