“We exist to meet the needs of Children”

Lifeline Childcare is licensed by the State Department of Health and Human Resources, and has been in operation since October 2004.

The staff is comprised of dedicated, competent and caring individuals. All have a minimum of 15 hours of annual training. There are several Child Development Specialists and degreed teachers on staff. They strive to improve, enhance and expand programs where needed and as necessary.


The Parents, The Teachers, And The Children.


Infant Program

Our infant program serves children ages 6 weeks to 24 months. Our teachers in the infant program have specialized training to care for infants as required by the DHHR.

Toddler Program

Our teachers and Associates give the love and attention your toddlers need. Research has proven what you intuitively know: Your child's first years are critical to future success. We take that responsibility very seriously. Toddlers are busy learning new things about themselves and those around them. They love stories, singing, and playing with objects. Our teachers follow the children's lead, responding to their interests, needs and development levels.

Three Year Old Program

Lifelines three year old program is uniquely designed to support and reinforce the independence generally exhibited at age three. Children are learning to share and get along with others. Stories, songs, games and art projects help develop language and vocabulary, new concepts, movements and sensory motor skills. All of these important elements contribute to pre-school readiness. Pre-School Program At Lifeline, we use the Creative Curriculum to help prepare children for their first year at school. Children learn numeracy and reading readiness skills. At Lifeline your child will be prepared to enter school and compete academically with his/her peers. Our playtime is designed to enhance the child's physical well being and to promote a healthy body. Meals and snacks are created with healthy eating habits in mind. The child's emotional and spiritual well being is also closely monitored. We at Lifeline believe the Mind, the Body, and the Soul must be educated in order to produce a well rounded individual.

After-School Program

Lifeline offers an excellent after-school program that allows the children time for homework, outdoor playtime, and many other activity options. We understand that your child has worked hard all day at school and needs some "Me" time. We also have a tutoring program to help all our students with their homework or trouble subjects.

Special Activities:

  • Monthly chapel services
  • Holiday parties
  • Special Guest Visitors
  • Bible Character's Day
  • Dr. Seuss Day
  • Summer Field Trips 


  • Infants 6 Weeks – 23 Months: $30.00 per day / $150 enrollment fee
  • 24 Months – 3 Years: $19.50 per day
  • 4 Years – 5 Years $18.50 per day
  • School Age $12.00 per day


  • 6:30 a.m. – 8:30 p.m. Monday - Friday


Lifeline Child Care Center

Princeton Church of God

P.O. Box 878

Princeton, WV 24740

(304) 425 6522

Email Tori Helmondollar, Director

Enrollment Application:

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Employment Application:

Required Qualifications:

  • High School Diploma or GED
  • 1 Year Relevant Work Experience
  • First Aid / CPR
  • Some positions may require additional qualifications.  
  • Email Tori Helmondollar will any questions.

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